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My name is Tee Jowee, and this is my Online Portfolio- A space that I have saved for most of the Articles I’ve written.

The articles that I have put up are either the ones I have liked lot or am just not embarrassed to put up.  

I am 25 (2015), Malaysian, and in the business of making art.

I used to intern at BFM 89.9 The Business Radio Station for their magazine The B-Side.

I took a degree in the Bachelor of the Arts, majoring in both Communications and International Studies. I later went on to do a further year of research where I wrote about Social Media Activism: Narratives From the Ground. 

Previously an intern/reporter for Meld Magazine.

I have also written for Bleacher Report.

I’m a believer of freedom, expression, and honesty.

An observer, a thinker, and a dreamer.

I’m passionate about making some real good change happen.

I like having meaningful conversations with people and talking about all the things that goes unsaid. 

I have a blog here where I talk about everything and anything. It gets interesting sometimes when I’m inspired.

This is my Twitter account, in which I would ask you to FOLLOW ME.

This is my Facebook page.

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