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Kuala Lumpur’s Sex Industry Moves Online

Kuala Lumpur’s Sex Industry Moves Online

by Tee Jowee

A Typical Scene from the Streets of KL

KUALA LUMPUR: Prostitution around KL’s golden triangle has moved from the streets to a currently growing online presence. Sex industry agents are now utilizing social media sites such as Blogger and Facebook to expand this profitable trade.

In one particular Blogger site, anonymous agent known only as “Sam” publishes entire profiles of the girls as a blog entry format, detailing information such as weight, measurements, nationality, as well as acts they are “known for” and willing to perform. Entries also includes rates, and “attitude” of the girls, ranging from anything such as “kind, sweet and caring” to “cute” and “naive”.

Deputy Superintendent Tan of the Anti-Vice, Gaming & Secret Society Department of Bukit Aman headquarters says, “Technology is making it very hard.” He explains that because the online world allows for different aliases and the quick and easy shut down of sites, it makes for easy escapes, and identities that are difficult to prove in court.

DSP Tan notes, ” These sites are mostly run by ‘free-lance’ agents.” (as opposed to larger ring operatives) while ” Many of the girls that go into this are willing.” When asked how the authorities distinguish between the willing and the ones that were trafficked or tricked, he says that interrogation techniques help distinguish specific cases and “…from their answers we will know.”

Currently, the authorities have increased their efforts, expanding operations to daily raids in various parts of Bukit Bintang, Jalan Maharajalela and the larger KL Golden Triangle area.

Though this presence of prostitution online seems to be a new take on a century-old profession, this occurrence does not diminish the presence of prostitution on the streets of KL. Wanton solicitation in broad daylight still suggests that Kuala Lumpur’s sex industry remains relatively unchanged.

CLICK HERE To view most recent statistics on prostitution from the Central Intelligence Unit (CIU)

*Assignment for ATS 2787


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